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Taiwan Trip Day 5 – Flying Cow Ranch

The second part of my 5th day trip to Taiwan, and now we’re heading to Flying Cow Ranch. A wonderful farm based tourist spot located in Miaoli County. Upon arrival, we found the area was pretty cold around 26°C with a very light rain. The area felt cooler than Cameron Highlands back in Malaysia. So, […]

trip to Taiwan blog day 5

Taiwan Trip Day 5 – Anping Old Street

Day 5 arrived. We’ll be going to Anping Old Street and Flying Cow Ranch. I have separated Day 5 to 2 parts. Let’s start with one of the oldest and well preserved historical street in southern Taiwan. ANPING OLD STREET There’s a lot to shop, eat, play, and explore in this little old street. All […]

tamsui fisherman wharf, feng jia

Taiwan Trip Day 2 – Fisherman’s Wharf, TamSui Old Street, Fenjia Night Market

Taiwan Trip Day 2 Itinerary Day 2 arrives, and today we’ll be heading north to Tamsui and then south towards Taichung. It’s going to a long ride. Let’s check-out today’s itinerary they had for us; DAY 2 ITINERARY Breakfast in Hotel Spa @ Beitou Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Tamsui Old Street Market Lunch Chien Yien Shabu-shabu […]

Trip to Taiwan aerial view from airplane in lomo effect

Trip to Taiwan Part 1 – Ximending, Taipei

It’s been more than 5 years since our last oversea trip, finally 2015 we’ve decided to go to Taiwan. Initially we planned for a independent trip but since we didn’t have much time to work on planning the trip, we ended up joining a tour package by Ipoh Overland, check out more details here…

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Trip to Macau Day 4 and 5 (Final)

Okay, here it is, the final post of my trip to Macau. It’s been quite sometime since the previous post due to many unforeseen circumstances. Will try to post more on what I’ve been working on recently after this post. I’ll start with the first breakfast. Added with some slideshow, and some new tweak on […]

Macau Giant Panda Pavillion, Coloane Town Square

Trip to Macau Day 3

Our 3rd day in Macau. This time I’ll just combine 2 parts together rather than separate them which would be more convenient for readers. Today we’ll be travelling around Taipa (Tam Tsai in Chinese) which better known as food street with some of the famous road such as Rua do Cunha, Rua Correia da Silva, […]

Macau Tower & Convention Centre buffet

Trip to Macau Day 2 Part 2

  As mentioned in my previous post, here we are, at Macau Tower & Convention Centre. Since most of our food hunt were more focused on light street snacks, light lunch and etc. We decided to tryout to have a sky high lunch buffet in the tower. There were 2 session on the afternoon for […]

macau senado square entrance

Trip to Macau Day 2 Part 1

2 weeks since my previous post, and here it is Day 2 Part 1. Trip to Macau is not complete without visitng Leal Senado Square and Ruins of St Paul.It took us more around 15 minutes of walk from our hotel. The streets of Macau was mesmerizing. The main road covering around city center, known […]