Taiwan Trip Day 5 – Flying Cow Ranch

The second part of my 5th day trip to Taiwan, and now we’re heading to Flying Cow Ranch. A wonderful farm based tourist spot located in Miaoli County. Upon arrival, we found the area was pretty cold around 26°C with a very light rain. The area felt cooler than Cameron Highlands back in Malaysia. So, exploring the whole farm wouldn’t be sweaty

Flying Cow Ranch in Taiwan


Wherever you walk, wherever you turn you’ll find there’s a lot of illustrated signage guiding you, so you won’t feel lost even first time exploring here. The greenery road surrounded with colorful flowers plantation along the walkway, could really attracts you to take more photos.

By the way, did I mention that they have loads of activities waiting for you. Check out their overall map and list of activities and locations.

flying cow ranch map
Click this image to open up the high resolution map.

info signages

Cute illustration of animals as signage can be found in every junction.

flora shop in flying cow ranch

Flora House is another attraction where you’ll found lots of colorful flowers and decoration. For flower lovers, be sure to check this house. Next we head over to the goat area to feed some goat.

feeding goats in flying cow ranch

Feeding goat isn’t easy, they could be aggressive pulling away the leave while chewing, so please be extra careful if the you plan to let your children to do the feeding.

Rabbit house in flying cow ranch

This is the house of rabbits, you’ll find they have different species of rabbit here.


After few hours of exploring the area, feeding animals and photo session we straight to check-in to our room in The Country Cabin. We’ll be staying a night here and our tour arranged us a Luxury Single Bed room. Normal rate it would cost 3300NT/Room per night. But first, we were served with a free bottle of farm’s fresh milk, ours were Malt Flavored Milk. Next, let’s dig into the amenities.

free malt flavoured fresh milk cabin ranch bedroom

With the comfy King Size bed, the room also furnished with flat LCD TV, classic wooden cabinets, nicely toilet and some complimentary from the hotel shown in below;

flying cow ranch hotel complimentary


For the dinner, we were served with Flying Cow Ranch’s signature dish, the Milk-Hotpot / Milk-base Steamboat. With their fresh milk broth, served together with fresh local farm’s grown vegetables and meat slices.

milk base steamboat and dinner dishes

Although me and my wife didn’t really like the taste of milk (we never drink milk after grown up), we found their milk steamboat surprisingly delicious. Boiled together with local farm’s grown vegetables the broth tasted sweet and creamy. We also found the taste of their local grown vegetables appeared to be sweeter, not sugar type of sweet but the natural sweetness of vegetable itself. Besides the steamboat, our tour was also included the following dishes such as soft creamy egg tofu (bean curd), minced pork with tofu in claypot, sweet and sour pork, chicken slice with black pepper sauce, stir fried vegetables, steamed fish, and prawn. And all these dishes for the 5 of us including our Taiwan-based tour guide Mr Eddy Zhang Dao Ren. These dishes tasted great, but since there’s only 5 of us, we barely can finish it all.

NOTE: For those who never like the taste of milk, worry not. This milk-base steamboat taste better than ordinary milk. It’s definitely worth to give this a try.
dinner at flying cow ranch


The last activity of the night is the DIY session, they have various types of activities, for examples ice cream, butter rock’n’roll, milk cookies, cow painting, and many others. For tonight, we’ll be making a simple Almond Cookies.

nightime DIY make your own cookies diy almond cookies

It seems to be very simple, mixed everything up and laying it onto oil-paper and bake it in their oven. The process was funny especially with Wendy’s piece where they simply pour the mixture into 1 piece. The taste was just nice, didn’t know we could bake our own cookies with such a simple recipe (so simple even your kids could do it too). That’s the end of our day in Flying Cow Ranch.


Our sleep was very comfortable indeed, the temperature was cold indeed but the comforter kept us warm enough. Let’s start with our buffet breakfast. Options such as noodle, porridge, salad, fried eggs with vegetables, fresh milk, fruit juices and something our tour guide recommended us, their signature freshly steamed soft bun (middle of the photo as below).

breakfast in flying cow ranch

The texture of their signature bun was so soft and spongy, it tastes sweet. It’s totally a must try in their buffet breakfast.


No.166, Nanho Village, Tongxiao Town, Miaoli County 35750, Taiwan TEL / 886 37 782999 Fax / 886 37-782399 Website: http://www.flyingcow.com.tw/

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