Taiwan Trip Day 5 – Anping Old Street

Day 5 arrived. We’ll be going to Anping Old Street and Flying Cow Ranch. I have separated Day 5 to 2 parts. Let’s start with one of the oldest and well preserved historical street in southern Taiwan.


Shops and vendors in Anping Old Street market

There’s a lot to shop, eat, play, and explore in this little old street. All these street packed and surround the fort, reminds me of Jonker Street and A-Famosa Fort and the historical values are well preserved. It even shares a similar stories of invasion in the past.

lion dance statue in Anping Old street

The road in this area were winding and narrow. There might be lots of turn and corners but still packed with eateries, local drinks and delicacies store, and game stall vendors like below;

DIY penny coin vending machine
DIY Press a penny vending machine
puzzle game vendor
There’s lots of game and puzzle based vendors

As we explore the winding road of Anping Street, we stumbled on this machine, Taiwanese local invention, Popping Prawn Cracker Machine. It uses hot air pressure to transform a spoon if powder into a piece of cracker. Compare to our local prawn cracker in Malaysia, we used to fry a tiny slices of dried up prawn mix which is quite oily, where this machine did not use any oil.

popping prawn crackers
taiwan grilled squids
Grilled squids everywhere, yea I mean everywhere. Whichever street market you go, you’ll find these for sure.
fry cakes

You’ll find various vendor selling creative and unique handcrafts like these square wooden figures dressed in various theme. They even took their mom’s cloth hanging wooden clip to style it up as well. It’s pretty creative and unique. So be sure to check this vendor’s collection if you’re interested.

square wooden figures unique handcraft figures in anping old street market square wood figures handcraft


After a fun walk in the old street here we are, Fort Zeelandia or Anping Old Fort (Ānpíng Gǔ Bǎo 安平古堡). The area had a little resemblance to Melaka’s A’ Famosa Fort. The stain, canons, cracked walls and the atmosphere.

The remaining structure of the fort is still well maintained, and some of the structure was rebuild and re-designed to fit for open tourist accessibility. I won’t be writing the whole story on this fort, but in case if you’re interested feel free to visit the wiki site and Tainan City site.

mansion in Anping Old street
modern lift to anping old street museum
The mansion, the museum now fitted with a modern lift. Allowing anyone to have an easier access into the museum. Surrounding the fort, are survivors who once witnessed the war, invasion, and all the aging journey, the Banyan Trees.
Jonath and May Ee at Zheng chenggong

Born in Japan, Zheng Chenggong (鄭成功), a Koxinga, a leader, and the man who defeated Dutch’s invasion and took over the fort.

Surrounding the fort, are survivors who once witnessed the war, invasion, and all the aging journey, the Banyan Trees. The atmosphere was quite relaxing, with breezy wind blowing away the heat, it’s quite comfortable to explore around the fort.

The strong find a way to survive - quote by Billy Cox It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.


Today’s lunch was a special arrangement. Although we were in Taiwan, but our tour guide Mr Zhang Dao Ren told us that there’s a Thai food restaurant which is pretty famous in Kaohsiung area. Without hesitate the whole group agreed to give it a try.

Thai Town Cuisine Restaurant in Kaohsiung
12F, No. 21, Sanduō 4th Road,
Língyǎ District,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan,

Phone:(07) 963-0262

Thai Cuisine Restaurant located in one of the shopping mall in Kaohsiung area. The restaurant was packed, but luckily our tour guide has earlier booked 2 tables for us. The dishes were pretty much familiar to us. We ordered Thai Fish cakes, tom yam seafood soup, claypot shrimp, sweet pork, kang kung, kerabu (Thai’s salad).

We were give 2 options of rice, Taiwan local rice and Thai fragrance rice. The difference was, Thai fragrance rice taste great together with curry, tom yam soup and curry gray. So the next time you visit, remember to opt for Thai fragrance rice.

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