Taiwan Trip Day 4 – Fo Guang Shan, Lotus Pond, Dongpo Zui Yue, EDA Theme Park & Love River

Day 4 and we’ll be visiting Fo Guang Shan, Lotus Pond Temple & Pagodas, EDA Theme Park and Love River

  1. Breakfast in Hotel
  2. Fo Guang Shan
  3. Lotus Pond visiting Xuan Wu god, Dragon & Tiger Pagoda
  4. Lunch @ Dongpo Enjoys to Moon (Dong Po Zui Yue)
  5. EDA Theme Park
  6. Kagetsu Arashi Ramen
  7. Love River
  8. Check in Hotel Kingdom

han hsien international hotel buffet breakfast
buffet breakfast
fusion style breakfast porridge sushi fried egg lion statue and Buddha white elephant statues

Our first stop today is Fo Guang Shan (literally translate to Buddha Light Mountain), is an international Chinese Buddhist new religious movement based in Taiwan founded by Master Hsing Yun in 1967. The headquarters of Fo Guang Shan, located in Dashu District, Kaohsiung, is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. This is one of the must-visit spot in Taiwan especially when you’re in KaoShiung.

fo guang shan in kaoshiung taiwan fo guang shan entrance doorquote upon enter
colorful ceiling decorationquote guess where is this
hand carved wooden buddha monksdetailed hand carved wood

We were greeted with one of the greatest hand carved wooden Buddha monks sculpture which is unbelievably detailed.

buddha statue sitting with highlightentrance to the hell
little buddha statueslaughing buddha with animated face via projection
inside fo guang shan
pastries sold inside fo guang shan
delicacies sold inside fo guang shan

XUAN WU (玄武)

xuan wu god statue

Xuan Wu (玄武, lit. “Dark” or “Mysterious Warrior”) is one of the higher-ranking Taoist deities. He is revered as a powerful god, able to control the elements and capable of great magic. He is particularly revered by martial artists and is patron saint of Hebei, Manchuria and Mongolia. As some Cantonese and Min Nan speakers (particularly Hokkien) fled into the south from Hebei with the Song dynasty, Xuan Wu is also widely revered in Fujian and Guangdong as well as among the Chinese diaspora. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xuan_Wu_(god)

xuan wu god statue

One story says that Xuan Wu was originally a prince of Jing Le State in northern Hebei during the time of the Yellow Emperor. As he grew up, he felt the sorrow and pain of the life of ordinary people and wanted to retire to a remote mountain for cultivation of the Tao.

dragon tiger pagodas on lotus lake in Kaoshiung Taiwan hdr portrait selfie

At the time of visit the lotus pond dried up thus we can only see the dried up part of the scene. The pagoda of Dragon and Tiger Mouth can be easily seen from the early part of the lake.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

dragon and tiger pagodas in kaoshiung taiwan hdr portrait selfie The other attraction would be Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in Lotus Pond 蓮池潭 located in Zuoying District, Kaoshiung. Built in 1976 these 2 pagodas were inter-connected to each other via a small indoor bridge where you can the a continous painting depicting scenes from heaven and hell to inspire people to do more good deeds. Our tour guide Eddy remind us to enter via the Dragon’s mouth and exit through Tiger’s mouth as it symbolize turning bad luck to fortune, but if you enter from the reversed direction then it’ll be the other way around.

unique volkswagen food truck
volkswagen food van
blue volkswagen food
unique food on truck design
pork hotdog stone barbeque
taiwanese bubble tea on food van

Lunch @ Dong Po Zui Yue

Dong Po Zui Yue (DongPo Enjoys The Moon) is one of the unique restaurant in Kaoshiung which served various Chinese Cuisine in buffet style. You’ll be serve with random types of dishes in small portion and you can opt to change it for other dishes or order it from the menu.

dongpo enjoys the moon restaurant 東坡醉月
Dongpo Zui Yue in KaoShiung Taiwandongpo zui yue dishes 東坡醉月
Dongpo Enjoys Moon

No. 491, Mingcheng 1st Rd,
Sanmin District,
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Tel : 397-9397

We tried more than 15 dishes (some of them didn’t make it to my camera), most of the dishes like the cold fish, bacon, BBQ chicken taste good, but we found their pork meat has a foul smell (according to our tour guide, most of pork taste differently thus may smell weirdly). Thus we cancelled most of them including their signature DongPo Meat.


Our next stop, EDA Theme Park. Our team separate into 2 group where some prefer to do their shopping and the other group aimed to challenge their guts. Guess which group would I go for?


With my wife here, I ended up with the first group. Shopping is a norm here so hanging around the shopping zone is safer. So we took all the time walking and shopping around. But it still a wonderful experience as they have wonderful scenery and architecture design.

inside eda theme park
selfie-inside-ferris-wheelmay ee and mrs tingblue rhino mascoteda theme park fun area
kagetsu arashi ramen kaoshiung taiwan

For the dinner we were recommended by our tour guide to try our in one of the most famous Japanese noodle restaurant, Kagetgsu Arashi Ramen. Once we arrive we noticed there were long queue waiting for their seats and we were give numbers to get into their waiting list (luckily it wasn’t too long for our turn). While waiting were had a look into their menu and some of the realistic food mock-up seen shown below;

realistic ramen food mock-ups display

They served various types of ramen and we decided to try their specialty, Arashi Ginjiro Ramen and Extreme Black Ninniku Ramen

arashi ginjiro ramen


Tangy ramen noodle in thick garlic and pork broth served with slices of bacon, and soft-boild egg (Ajitama) while topped with a piece of seaweed. This is a must try in Arashi Ramen.

Extreme black ninniku genkotsu ramen

Black Ninniku

A signature ramen with garlic and thick pork broth served with deep-fried bacon slices, ramen egg (Ajitama) and sesame oil, just imagine the fragrance from the sesame oil alone drive my drooling saliva again during the time of writing this post.

I have to admit both ramen’s broth was very thick and well flavored. As for the noodle it was pretty chewy and come in nice portion. But still not the very best I tried.


After our ramen dinner, we went for a walk around but eventually stumble in another long queue. More than 20 people were queuing for this Hohomei Polo Bun (literally translate to Good Good Taste Polo Bun). As our stomach still have a little space reserved so I represent the group of four to join the queue. As I was in the queue, I can see the open-kitchen style preparation. Polo buns here are freshly made and you can see the whole process.

This beautiful girl (in mask) were calmly mixing the dough and steadily placing the topping onto each bun carefully while the rest of her team taking turn to bake and preparing polo buns in cheerful environment.

hohomei pineapple bun in taiwan

Each bite onto the crunchy topping slicing to the soft center of the bun with warm melted butter filling is just simply melt our taste bud. We didn’t regret to give it a try albeit the long queue, it’s totally worth it.


A night shot in the Love River, both side of the river walk was pretty happening, you’ll find loads of creative hand-craft seller promoting their handcraft products and perhaps a boat ride in the river would be a great experience.

night view in love river kaoshiung taiwan night view in love river kaoshiung taiwan

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