Taiwan Trip Day 2 – Fisherman’s Wharf, TamSui Old Street, Fenjia Night Market

Taiwan Trip Day 2 Itinerary

Day 2 arrives, and today we’ll be heading north to Tamsui and then south towards Taichung. It’s going to a long ride. Let’s check-out today’s itinerary they had for us;

  1. Breakfast in Hotel
  2. Spa @ Beitou
  3. Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf
  4. Tamsui Old Street Market
  5. Lunch Chien Yien Shabu-shabu
  6. Feng Jia Night Market
  7. Vernaldew Restaurant
  8. Check in Shinkansen Grand Hotel


Waking up at 8a.m. we prepared our self for the buffet breakfast in the hotel. It was a simple buffet style breakfast. Fusion style buffet breakfast where you’ll find common garden salad, bacon, fried-rice, rice porridge and others.

Buffet breakfast in City Lake Hotel, Taipei
Garden salad, fried egg, fried rice, sausages, omelet, and most of all, heavy flavored bacon strips


Located far north of Taiwan, Fisherman’s wharf is one of the must visit place. Being one of Taiwan’s signature landmark, the lovers bridge is a wonderful place to take photo and sight seeing. We just spend couple of hours to walk-around, taking some photos and we straight move on to Tamsui Old Street Market for a little shopping and light snacks.


Tamsui old street is small condensed area with lots of street snacks and simple shopping as well. Most of the shop here operates from 11am to 10pm. Since we’ll be having buffet style lunch today, we’re gotta save some space for the big deal later.

tamsui old street snacks
tamsui old street

tower tall ice cream in tamsui old street


tie dan known as iron egg

Tie Dan (Iron Egg)

A black colored preserved chicken, pigeon or quail eggs with a chewy texture – Shop @ Ah Po Tie Dan ( Grandma’s Iron Egg)

Jiang Mu Cha (Ginger Tea)

Condensed ginger tea wrapped in cube. Just put the condensed cube into a hot water and stir it to mix it.

Believe It Or Not Curiosity Museum

You’ll immediately notice this gorilla upon the entrance. This is a museum loaded with unusual collection of weird and unique animal. Entrance fee required.

Tower Tall Ice Cream

You’ll notice this upon the entrance, there are few options of flavor to choose from.

red bean pancake in Tamsui Old Street
taiwan sausage
Barbeque wild boar sausage, taste sweet and tasty.

Although the market street here were just around 300m, but if you have extra hour to spend, it’s totally worth the time to explore around and perhaps have your lunch here. Next stop, we’ll be heading to Chien Yien Shabu-shabu buffet style lunch before heading to Fengjia. By the time we leave, we notice more and more visitors arrived and the area is getting way more crowded. Guess our tour lead has assume the timing well.


Chien Yien shabu shabu taiwan
千葉火鍋 Chien Yien Shabu Shabu Taiwan

Chien Yien Shabu-Shabu is one of the famous chained restaurant specialize in Japanese style hot pot  / steamboat in Taiwan.

 Chiba Sukiyaki shabu shabu 千葉火鍋 in Taiwan

They have wide range of ingredients and soup base to choose from herbal soup, hot & spicy soup, Korean Kim-chi, cheese and many others. Ingredients were fresh and they even have some unique meat balls wrapped in small cover which worth to try as well. As for sushi, they do have few options of maki, rolls and hand-roll to choose from.

buffet shabu shabu ingredients seafood and saladDrinks such as yogurt, apple juice, bottled drinks offeredshabu shabu cooked local dishes and dessert cakes

We tried almost everything include their desserts like cakes, ice cream, and muachi. Their desserts taste nice, while muachi would be a little sweet. So here it all ends before we head to Taichung which would take more than 2 hours bus ride from here. For those who have a wide appetite, this is definitely for you.


During any buffet style meal, always check out everything includes desserts, drinks so you won’t missed out the rest of their attraction by the end of the meal. Check-out their available branches throughout Taiwan.


After more than 2 hours of bus ride we finally arrived in Feng Jia Night Market. The weather was nice and breezy. It’s going to be a nice walk without worrying of sweating in the crowded night market. Considered as the largest night market in Taiwan, this is one of the place you’ll be spending longer time be it for shopping, eateries and they even have some games vendor to test your brain and judgement.

fengjia night market
feng jia night market shopping
Scooters are so common in Taiwan, various design can be found for example a vintage touch like this.

Feng Jia Night Market was pretty large indeed, you’ll find variety types of boutiques, fashion stores and all the stuff for youngsters are pretty condensed here. There are loads of big brands like Nike, Adidas and etc which can be seen around the main road. Food is not an issue here as the area are packed with variety of street snacks, restaurants round the corner. Wherever you go, you’ll find a huge options of street snacks and restaurants just round the corners.

around feng jia night market taiwan

Most of the stores usually begin from 7pm, but there lots of shop open since 2pm. You’ll need to take a lot of time to decide what to buy and eat. We took more than 2 hours to walk around and looking for food.

We noticed this little local food store offering mixed dishes rice were heavily queued, wide range of dishes can be see here.

local buffet style mixed rice

Initial D’s Sprinter Trueno AE86

initial d ae86 sprinter trueno
Look who’s delivering smelly tofu in FengJia Night Market. To my surprise to see this Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 or Hachi-roku (in Japanese) parked beside the street. Too bad Takumi Fujiwara nowhere to be seen here. I have previously attempted to create a simple 3D animation inspired by Japanese’s anime, Initial D. you can read more about it here.

big sausage wrap small sausage

Kuan Chih Lin big sausage wrapping small sausage

Being one of the famous food here, Kuan Chih Lin’s big sausage wrapping small sausage is top of the list. Well promoted by local celebrities and loads of reviews we took the chance to take our queue to grab one.

What’s all the big sausage wrapping about? The big sausage is actually made from glutinous rice (sticky rice), grilled to perfection while the small sausage is Taiwan’s local pork sausage which heavily marinated and rich in flavor, combining these 2 sausages with some pickles or other optional marinated vegetables, and walla here you have the famous Big Sausage wrapping small sausage.

big sausage wrap small sausage in feng jia taiwan

The aroma of the char-grilled glutinous rice enough, wrapped together with Taiwanese sausage and tasty pickles. The taste was great, both


At last for the dinner we were arranged to drop by a visit at the Vernaldew Restaurant. Vernaldew is a well-known themed restaurant and the one we’re visiting is the Toyspace where bunch of old vintage toys and antiques are well kept for display here. Upon entrance you’ll be surprised with their old vintage style decoration and environments, it is a total recreation of Taiwan street in the years 1940.

banana paradise restaurant vernaldew restaurant toyspace in taichung
vernaldew restaurant dishes menu

The taste from the past, we were served 8 different dishes ranging from various combination of vegetables, seafood like fish, crab and whole lot more, so many until we forgot to take note on the name. The portion was huge, and we barely can finish it.

The dinner were good in term of portion, taste and most of all the atmosphere. Dinning in a vintage-themed restaurant really gave us a great experience, for those we love these vintage collections, this is definitely a must visit to take your time to enjoy the view and their food.


No.111 Second Section of Shuangshi Road,
Taichung, Taiwan



We checked-in Shinkansen Grand Hotel, the room were clean, well equipped with bathroom, hot/cold water and most of all, free wi-fi. Location were good as surrounded with convenience store, banks, eateries and MRT station.

shinkansen grand hotel
shinkansen grand hotel bedroom


No.A236, Sec.3, Wuquan W. Rd., Nantun Dist.,
Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C)
(on the intersection of Wuquan W. Rd. and Gongyequ 18th Rd.)



That’s all for the second day. I’ll post the rest of the trip soon. Meanwhile enjoy this long photo post. By the way, I received few request to view the photo in larger size, but I gotta figure out where to host those large photos yet.

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