Trip to Macau Day 4 and 5 (Final)

jonath lee - trip to macau day 4, bbq pork bun, lai kei ice cream sandwich, tea jar

Okay, here it is, the final post of my trip to Macau. It’s been quite sometime since the previous post due to many unforeseen circumstances. Will try to post more on what I’ve been working on recently after this post. I’ll start with the first breakfast. Added with some slideshow, and some new tweak on the presentation style. Let’s start with the breakfast.

divider Long Wa Dim Sum, Macau

BREAKFAST @ Casa De Cha Long Wa

For a true yum cha experience, we went to Casa De Cha Long Wa. Opened since 1963, this is one place to have a taste of fresh & traditional dim sum with local scene of red market.

Long Wa Dim Sum, Macau tea leave jar, self service, kitchen area

Located near the famouse Red Market in Rua Norte do Mercado. Recommendations are BBQ pork buns, pork fried noodles, and beef chow fan, onion chicken rice as traditional and ordinary teahouse masterpieces.

We were greeted by the owner who immediately noted we were from Malaysia. According to the owner, he can recognize our accent, as most Malaysian visited his dim sum teahouse.

From inside you can see there were tones of tea leaves, photos of famous celebreties who visited this tea house such as Chua Lam, Chow Yun Fat and many others.

Dim sum here are self-service, so, just feel free to pick your favourites. We ordered some BBQ Pork bun, siu mai, a plate of their famous cold chicken plate and few other types of dim sum.

bbq pork bun, siu mai, yue mai, dim sum, chicken cold plate

Dim sum served here were freshly made, as they can easily get fresh ingredients from nearby Red Market. We had some (clockwise from top left) fried seafood tofu, char siu pao (bbq pork bun), cold chicken plate, pork and fish meat mixed, siu mai. The bbq pork bun tasted nice and sweet, size were not too big, just fit to our appetite. Fried seafood tofu, and the pork and fish meat mixed tasted good, and juicy. The cold chicken plate were indeed fabolous. The onion were fresh and crunchy while the chicken meat was tender and juicy too. However, it was slightly oily in our opinion.

Situated in the 1st floor in the corner shop, its’ notable along Rua Norte do Mercado. With big and wide windows on 3 sides of the shop, you can easily enjoy the surroundings of the area and how it feels to enjoy local dim sum breakfast. Every pillar you’ll notice photos taken together with famous artist with the owner big brother Deh, from Chua Lam to Chow Yun Fatt, you’ll know how many artist visited this tea-house. It was like enjoying breakfast in the Macau during the 70s’.

So, if you’re looking towards enjoying morning dim sum breakfast inside local vintage atmosphere, Long Wa should be what you’re looking forwards to.


Casa De Cha Long Wa

Rua Norte do Mercado Almirante Lacerda,Macau


Bbq pork bun, dim sums, cold chicken plate, pork friend noodles, beef fried rice, and etc.
Phone: +853 2857 4456
Business Hours:
Daily 07:00 – 14:00

biscuit shopping in market area photography in Macau by Jonath Leestreets area photography in Macau by Jonath Leestreets area photography in Macau by Jonath Lee

Lai Kei Sorvetes

Lai Kei Sorvetes shop, menu and interior view

Lai Kee was established 70 years ago by the current owner Mr Kong’s grandfather. His grandfather worked in an ice cream factory where he learned how to make ice cream. He began start his own ice cream business by selling it out in a small on the street. Current Lai Kee shop built 40 years ago. The interior environment was maintained as how it started.

ice cream sandwich, menu, pineapple ice

Their signature products are their 3 flavoured ice cream sandwich, wrapped in 2 pieces of wafer, and hong dau bing (red bean popsicles). The most popular ice cream flavour were mango, coconut and taro. The ice cream sandwich were wrapped in its’ famous vintage packaging, 3 flavours ice cream wrapped in a soft wafer.


Lai Kei Sorvetes

Rua Norte do Mercado Almirante Lacerda, Macau


ice cream sandwich (MOP10),
red bean popsicles (MOP5)
Phone: +853 2857 4456
Opening Hours:
Daily 07:00 – 14:00

Margaret's Cafe e Nata shoplot, portugese egg tart


Located behind Hotel Sintra, Margaret’s Cafe e Nata is one of MUST visit breakfast place in Macau. Opened by Lord Stow’s ex-wife, Margaret’s cafe serves the famous portuguese egg tars as well with sandwiches, tea and coffee. Luckily during the time we arrive, it wasn’t crowded as what we heard. However, no photography allowed inside the shop for some reason.

Portugese Egg Tart and Ham, cheese & Pineapple sandwich

We ordered their famous Portuguese egg tart and a piece of ham & cheese and pineapple sandwich. They have range of breads to choose from, such as normal white bread, wholegrain, pita bread, croissant, roll, bagutte and etc. For the filling, they have wide variety choices from ham, cheese, avocado, bacons, curry chicken, to roasted beef. You can also add in additional filling with extra charges apply. They also serve various pastries, salad, cakes, pizza and coffee. They even have set lunch as well, so don’t worry if you can’t make it to the breakfast :)

Okay, back to our orders, the egg tart tasted creamier, and sweeter. The crust is crispier than Lord Stow’s version. The ham, cheese & pineapple sandwich was fresh & tasty, the bread was fresh and the filling were so delicious. Overall, it’s worth the visit. Their business starts from 8am till 2pm. So, if you’re planning for breakfast or lunch here, be sure to add this to your travel checklist.


Margaret’s Café e Nata

Edifício Kam Loi (Gum Loi Building),
Rua Almirante Costa Cabral,
Nam Van, Macau


Portuguese Egg tart (MOP8), Sandwiches (MOP8 – 26)
Phone: +853 2871 0032
Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 14:00


Macau International Airport

This is our last stop, Macau’s International Airport. Too bad, there’s nothing special much to show here. We all did had a great time in Macau. From advanced huge casinos, hotels, to street foods crawling, and miles of walk from point to point. Macau isn’t just about gambling in famous casinos, but a wonderful place for limited budget travelling as well. For those who are planning their trip to Macau, be sure to do few more research around the web just to be sure where to visit and what to do.

Macau international airport from plane inside

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  • shan says:
    August 19, 2013 at 5:07 am

    Hi there,

    I’m currently planning for a 4 days 3 nights trip to macau.  This is my first trip to macau with family but I still wondering what and where should I visit in macau. Could you please advised me on the itinerary?

    Thanks for your help! ^^

  • Jonath Lee says:
    August 19, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Hi Shan,

    I can give you a few suggestion on places to visit,

    Day 1 and 2: Historical and major attraction visitation

    Fisherman’s Wharf
    Lotus Flower Statue (just opposite the Fisherman Wharf)
    Goddess of if mercy, Guan Iam near MGM
    Night time, you can visit any casino around the hotel area
    Tour around casinos nearby for night performance and etc

    Day 2: Getting around nearby

    Breakfast at Casa de cha long wa
    Walk around in red market and nearby
    Senado Square
    Ruins of St. Paul
    Mount Fortress and Museum of Macau
    Monte Fort
    Ah Ma temple
    Back to Senado square, Yee Shun Milk company for steamed pudding or Cheong Kei shrimp roes noodle

    Day 3: Taipa and Coloane

    Go to Taipa to try San Hou Lei for bird nest tarts, some biscuit shopping in Taipa
    Gelatina Mok Yi Kei
    Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei after 3pm
    Panda Pavillion (optional)
    Lord Stow in Coloane for Portuguese egg tart
    Venetian hotel / City of dream
    Dinner in Antonio in Taipa (optional)

    Day 4: Last day

    Have some breakfast at Margaret’s Cafe e’Nata to try their famous sandwiches, egg tars (perhaps a takeaway)
    Go to to Senado square to buy some biscuits and light walk-around for last minute shopping

    Above are roughly my recommendation for reference, please do check around other website for more inspiration 😀

    for more shopping details please go to >

    I wish you a wonderful trip ahead 🙂

    Best regards,


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  • yiyi says:
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    how many days and nights u think is optimum and enough to explore in Macau?

  • Jonath Lee says:
    May 30, 2014 at 1:41 am

    Hello Yiyi,

    Depends on type of exploration you want.
    1. 5 days 4 nights – Explore the real local and Portuguese mixed flavors and real local places of interest
    2. 3 days 2 nights – Gambling, shopping, famous restaurants visits

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