Trip to Macau Day 2 Part 1

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2 weeks since my previous post, and here it is Day 2 Part 1. Trip to Macau is not complete without visitng Leal Senado Square and Ruins of St Paul.It took us more around 15 minutes of walk from our hotel. The streets of Macau was mesmerizing. The main road covering around city center, known as Guia Street Circuit.

Steets of Macau


As it was still early, we head over to Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex’s food court to have our breakfast. It was just 2 blocks away from Senado Square. Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex was actually a well organized wet market which each floor they sells different types of goods like vegetables, meats, seafoods, third floor is the food court where we had our breakfast.

Breakfast bun, pork chop bun, fried noodle

We ordered our Pork Chop Bun, coffee, tea mix from Keong Kee, and so a fried noodle. The Pork Chop Bun taste so so only. The fried noodle was something new for me as they used long-type beansprout, onions, bbq pork, fried wanton noodle with egg gravy. The taste was quite nice too.


Pun Veng Kee, old man making egg yolk cookies

While on the way heading up to the ruin, we stumble Pun Veng Kei’s egg yolk cookies. By just using only egg yolk, flour, sugar and butter, and years of of hand-made with charcoal.

While I was waiting for my turn to buy the egg yolk cookies, my girl friend went to the next shop and bought a pepper-meat-ball bun. Upon open, I found the aroma of the bun were so tempting, one bite, the pepper meat were so juicy. The pepper was quite spicy for our liking, but overall it taste good, something worth trying if you love pepper.

pork chop bun, pepper meat bun

While near the junction heading towards St Paul Ruins, we stopped by in the TEA PLUS shop for their Pork Chop Bun. They just sell 300 pcs per day. You can see their shop were fully decorated with banners, and screenshots and a looping video how it featured in Korean drama series. As I’m a “banana”, I hardly can read what drama it was. Anyway, back to the bun, it tasted juicy and delicious.

shops around the way heading to ruins of St Paul

Throughout the entire street heading up to the ruins, you will find most of them offering free sampling ranging from cookies, dried meats and other pasteries. It was a well-known street of free food samples. The famous one is Pastelaria Koi Kee where their signature almond cookies is a must try. So, take your time to try tasting out samples before you decides which to buy in the end.

Ruins of St Paul

After a short walk, we reach Ruins of St Paul. One of the must visit spot in Macau. We took some time to take photo and short walk around. The ruins architecture was mesmerizing, I can’t imagine if the fire didn’t breakout, it could possibly became the biggest Catholic church in Asia.

From the ruins of St Paul, we head over to the Fortress Armourial Gate where the well preserved fort was still in good shapes. We didn’t take much photo here as we were way too tired from the hikes.


Fortress Amourial Gate, each of us with the cannon panoramic photo from Fortress Amourial Gate

Here’s a panoramic view from the top of the fortress, the fortress was well maintained, clean and quite windy too. Overall, we had a great tour around this area. We didn’t visit the museum as we planned to have our lunch then.

That’s all for this post today. Will continue with our lunch session on part 2 in the next post.


  • Eugene Chew says:
    December 20, 2011 at 4:01 am

    A very entertaining yet fun-filled trip you got there. Nice photos tell good stories. A lot of delicious food along the way eh? Awaiting for your next journey. Cheers!

  • Jonath Lee says:
    December 20, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Thank you. The trip was fun, but kinda tired looking for direction. Hahahahaha

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