Melaka 2010 – Part 5 Jonker 88

Our second morning, we woke up around 8am. Had a great sleep in our hotel, the bed was comfy. We head out for a walk, and of course, take some photos before we head straight to Jonker88 ( for our breakfast.

Jonker88 is one of the most famous must-try museum cafe. It was quite well-known among food-bloggers and forumers we met. So, we were curious and really want to give it a try. We first ordered a Nyonya Laksa, it comes with a fresh prawn, tofu pok and a spoonful of tuna. It tastes creamy with mild coconut milk which a little similar to curry noodle in the northern Malaysia.

While for the Baba Laksa, laksa noodle in spicy laksa soup, also come with a spoonful of tuna, cucumber slices, and tofu pok. It taste much spicier than the Nyonya laksa, quite oily too :P.

4 of us sharing 2 bowls of laksa,a bowl of mix yong tofu, fish balls and fish cakes, and 4 bowls of different types of cendol. I didn’t take much photo on the cendol. We ordered Durian Cendol, Nata De Coco, Baba Cendol and a normal Gula Melaka Cendol. Overall, we found it all tasted too sweet from our liking, the Durian Cendol were less good than the one we tried in Sam Shu Gong.

We also ordered someMix Fries which consists ofย  fish cakes, tofu pok, and wanton. The chef will directly cook once you choose your options. Ranging from various types of fish cakes, wanton, fish balls, and few other fried fu pei(dried beancurd skin). The fish cakes taste fresh, kinda chewy too.

It also come with a sauce to dip, it taste a little sweet, sour, spicy with crushed peanut spreads on its’ top too.

Tiong Nam had his bite on the crunchy fu pei (fried dried beancurd skin) as he’s in vege diet ๐Ÿ˜€

After the well satisfying breakfast, we head over to visit the tourism spot. From the Melaka museum to the highest view on Melaka.


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