Melaka 2010 – Part 4 Baba House

By the way, I forgot to introduce to you where we stay in Melaka. This is my second visit to Melaka(see my previous visit to Melaka here). My previous trip were much focus on photography trip with our beautiful models. But unfortunately, we didn’t managed to book this hotel, end up we stay in the Kota Lodge budget hotel instead.

So, this time I planned this trip to stay in this hotel. It cost me RM138 per night  for a room for 2  via, not including other tax.

Okay, here’s a short intro to our bedroom. We booked 2 rooms for 4 of us. And we found our room differ from each other. Room A have closet, but room B didn’t have. Aircon unit is different. Room A have body and hair shampoo, Room B only have hair shampoo, no toothpaste, and few other noticeable differences. But overall, it was tidy and clean, quite comfortable to stay in.

Our Room

Bathroom and toilet were joined, not too small, and quite comfortable. The washing basin located just between the toilet and the entrance door.

Notice the washing basin? It was a baba and nyonya styled basin bowl. Quite unique, except faucet.

Short Photo Gallery

Ok, here are some interior shots of this building in moody saturated color tone. Overall, it has we maintained its decoration and furnitures.A great place for photoshoot as well.

Hope you like this short series of my photo set here. I will compile a photo gallery during our 3 days trip to Melaka once I finished blog about these trip. Please be patience.