Melaka 2010 – Part 3 Sunday Night Market


As the sunset down, we prepared ourself to wander around Jonker Walk. The night market covered the whole main Jonker Walk street.


There was also some talent competition running, just look at the crowds. Everyone is enjoying the show while having their dinner/supper. So, the four of us starts looking for food to fill our hungry stomach.


After few minutes of walking, we found a stall selling Char KoayKak, and have a herbal drink (which tasted like sarsiparilla again). We really curious what type or herbal drink was that. Okay, back to the Char Koay Kak, we ordered 1 plate spicy and another one original. The size were inconsistently small, I mean, the size could be pretty differ to each other. Which some of them seems tasteless.


As we’re walking around, we notice a lot people holding sticks of curling potato. It looks pretty new to us as we never seen it before. Anyway, we keep walking until we stumble on this stall, selling Tornado Chip. Well, as we never tried before, so, we just give it a try, ordered 2 sticks, one is normal salted flavour, another one is spicy.


The guy on the left makes the spiral potato using a spiral cutter then arrange it into the below.


It will be pour with some flour mixture and deep fried. And spray some chilli powder or salt onto it and walla. It’s done. We conclude that the normal salted chip was tastier than the spicy, just that it was kinda hard to bite off as it fried with flour, which the center part of the potato keep sticking onto the wooden stick.


As a finishing to our night walk, we decided to have a durian cendol at Sam Shu Gung. Lao Qian Ice Cafe, few people were still queing, we straight find a table and take a peek on the menu.


Still deciding which to choose, there were so many stuff to try, but, we were still full. So, end up just order 1 normal cendol and 1 durian cendol to try. To our surprise, we were informed that our order would be the last. So, we quickly grab our last supper apertizer.


Here it is, the Tree Durian Cendol, the packaging was nice though, but, we wonder how would it taste like.


It didn’t looks good here, but trust me, the durian cendol taste great. As I’m not a durian fan, I still have to agree that the durian’s fragrance was pretty nice. As each sip of the cendol, the fresh durian fragrance spread inside your mouth.


After the durian cendol, we heads back to hotel, while Fei still not satisfy, he bought a Phut Chai Kou, a red-bean dessert jelly on a stick. The taste? erm….just a normal red bean jelly 😀