Melaka 2010 – Part 1 Dim Sum at Hillcity Hotel and Chicken Rice Ball at Hoe Kee

red colored christ church melaka malaysia

Finally, I’m free to blog about my Melaka trip. I just spend 3 days & 2 nights in Melaka with my ex-collegemates, then 3 days after that I travelled to Penang with my colleagues for a 2 days 1 night. I’m still rushing all the photos by the moment I’m typing this.

The breakfast

We woke up around 7am, after hours of final preparations, we head to Hillcity Hotel for a Dim Sum breakfast. T.Nam still playing with his Diana Lomography camera. While the rest of us just keep looking for our Dim Sum 😀

dim sum breakfast in ipoh har gau or prawn dim sum char siu pao or bbq pork bun

Nothing much to talk-about it here. Most of the dim sum served pretty well. Without wasting time, we head straight to Melaka.

The lunch – trying out Chicken Rice Ball at Hoe Kee

nasi ayam hoe kee melaka
Hoe Kee famous for its chicken rice ball in Melaka

After 3 hours of travelling from Ipoh to Melaka. We reached Melaka at 1pm. Heading straight to check-in our hotel room, Baba House. As the lunch time fade, we rushed out to Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant, just behind Sam Shu Kong. It was so crowded, and we have to queue outside while waiting patiently.

Some photos, while we were waiting for our turn to get a table. It wasn’t that long, just around 10 minutes, then we received the signal to proceed to our table.

nasi ayam hoe kee melaka chef cutting chicken nasi ayam hoe kee melaka chef cutting chicken

Here’s our lunch, consists of chicken rice ball, plate of chicken rice (taste great, the aroma was pretty nice indeed), some vege, and of course, the chicken, and some sarsi-parilla tasted herbal drinks.

hoe kee chicken rice ball set in melaka
Big portion of chicken rice ball set for the 4 of us

Here’s the main course, the chicken rice ball. Cooked with chicken oil. The fragrance and the tenderness of the riceball was pretty tempting

melaka famous chicken rice ball
Round like fish ball, just image how many you can handle

Here is the chicken, overall, it taste below our expectation. May be it just us, who get received this old chicken, which taste pretty hard.

hoe kee steamed chicken

Another shot before we finished our lunch 😛

kian fong with tiong nam wing fei and jonath lee
A group photo before our first lunch in Melaka

Overall, it was a satisfying lunch. We were kinda full. By this time, our great friend, T.Nam finished his camera film, we have to get some film (yes, film, not SD Card) as he were using his Diana Lomography Camera. You can see his photos here(link to Facebook).

finished a satisfied lunch meal in Hoe Kee