Cameron Highlands trip – BBQ and steamboat

barbeque ingredients

Continue from my family trip to Cameron Highlands to visit my sister. Here are the barbeque we had that night. After all the preparation we had, here are all the the ingredients, from seafood, hot dogs, chicken wings, fish balls, and etc.While my sister already prepared a home-made satay sauce

Satay sauce made by my dear sis

And fire up the grill.

My brother working on the fire Chicken wing marinated with family recipes

Here’s the marinated chicken wings with family recipe. A combination of thai and local spices (see the results at the end).

Let’s get everything prepare, with all the marinated chicken wings, preparing for the steamboat soup and stuff (was too hungry then).

Prepare for cook

Keep every single space on the grill fully occupied. Yea, not even a chance to left. As we we’re grilling hot dogs, chicken wings and some Portuguese style seafood grill.

Keep rolling on

Here are some pork satay that we prepared earlier.

Pork satay

While this is the results from our Portuguese-style grill seafood. With home made spicy seafood sauce.

Portuguese style seafood

This is my second time making a Vietnamese-style popiah (known as Nem Cuon Dau Hu). My sister bought a bag of rice paper so, we just give it a try. Managed to cook 2 big prawns, wrap with carrots and cucumbers. And here’s the results.

Self wrap Vietnamese popiah Hot dogs in dry grill

And here is the final results on our grilled chicken wings marinated with family recipe sauce 😀

Chicken wings Chicken wings