Penang working trip 3

Restaurant Makanan Laut Gee Sing


After all the hardwork, we treat ourself with a seafood dinner at Bukit Tambun.

It was pretty crowded as we reach at 7pm. We have to wait for quite some time for our food to arrive while enjoying our sugarcane drinks.

my sugarcane drinks


Our mantis prawn and octopus arrive in less 10 minutes. Notice the Sin Seng Hiang Tambun biscuit.

mantis prawn and octopus


Here’s Hong with his mantis prawn, this was how big the size of mantis prawn we had that evening.

hong with his mantis prawn


I also ordered few sticks of nice and tender chicken satay, it taste great without the need to peanut satay sauce.

Chicken satay


So, overall, these are the dishes we ordered. From octopus, crab, kang kung, fried oyster omelette (oh jian), thai style sting ray and chicken satay. Cost us…..scroll down

Dishes we ordered

the bill


Yep, not include the satay which cost around RM6 if I’m not forgotten.

Okay, here’s all 3 parts of my working trip to Penang. Though things didn’t went well as I planned earlier but, it still a nice and memorable trip. Hopefully next time can arrange a trip to Penang again, hopefully can visit my friend who has been complaining bored for so long.