Penang working trip 2

P P Island hotel, Penang

Second part of my Penang working trip, not much, but worth to read.

After hourse of searching, most of the hotel we found were fully-booked. We keep hang around until we saw this PP Island Hotel (remind me of Phi Phi Island in Thailand), you can check out their website at, as we’re kinda tired of asking, we decided to give this hotel a last try.

The rates was quite reasonable (a little cheap in our opinion). Since there are 3 of us here, we decided to get a Superior room with Queen size bed + 1 more little bed (for me) for RM138. Once the booking confirmed and we get our key, we head straight back to our office to continue our stuff(we worked until 2am in the next morning).

This is how the room looks like, plus a little bed for me. To our surprise, we found the hotel room were very clean and looks pretty new, but we didn’t ask when it start its business(may be just couple of month). The room fitted pretty well with basic necessary includes an LCD TV, closet and etc. My only complain is jut that their toilet is rather small, which is still acceptable since we’re not like doing anything or staying inside the toilet for long :D.

Inside our hotel room

The next morning

Scene view from our hotel room

After sleep for less than 5 hours, we received calls required us heading back to office. So, we rush back to work without having our breakfast. hard to wake up, you can see Wing Hong in his cute pose on his bed. It was so comfortable

Hong with his cute pose

I’ll post the last part of this later on.