Penang working trip

Penang Island view from Ferry

Had a working trip to Penang last week with our hardware team. Here are some shots from the trip.

We departed from  Ipoh head straight to Butterworth to complete few tasks then head to the ferry. As it was Saturday morning, the traffic was minimal, things went smooth till we reaches the entrance and begin our que.

View from the ferry entrance

Here is the entrance with the price tag stated clearly(price list since May 2005).

Ferry entrance rate as of May 2010

Once we parked our car in the ferry, the first thing I saw was this, the floor plan of the ferry, Pulau Angsa. I wonder why they named their ferry with the name of island. Anyway, looked blurrish? Not really, it’s not the plan was blurrish, just the plastic/glass covering it was shattered.

Pulau Angsa ferry floor plan

The close-up shot on the floor plan, just the plastic was a shattered. Still able to see the floor plan if stand closer

Close up on ferry floor plan

There are few others emergency information, like this.

Emergency station

Here’s the close-up shot on the floor plan on where we stand.

Close up on ferry floor plan

and where Derrick enjoying the breezing wind from the sea.

Derrick taking a breeze in ferry

Look at all the cars in the main deck (yea, the BMW was the most appealing)

Line up cars inside ferry

Too bored, seems like nothing much to shoot, end up just take a self shot(was trying to see how wide is a 24mm lens).

Me and Derrick

Well, indeed pretty wide enough for a self held shot like this. Anway, once arrived we head straight to our branch office and fixed couple of stuff before heads out  for lunch and look for a hotel closer to Jalan Burma.

Paramount Hotel

We stumble on this Paramount Hotel, you can check out their location via Gmap here.

Heading towards Paramount hotel

Inside it looks pretty clean, decorated with some vintage furnitures while maintaining the old vintage look and feel.

Inside Paramount hotel Penang

The price seems reasonable, still can be considered as a budget hotel.

Price list and available accomodation package

Or you practise Wing Chun like my friend Mr Ip Hong with a nice vintage background.

Ip Hong in front of Paramount hotel

That’s all for now. Will update the rest in my next post.


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