My new side project

I recently launched my side project, a collections of inspiring local Ipoh contents under 1 website so no one will ever missed anything again. The Problem Everyday we open Facebook, we were looking for new interesting or inspiring posts at least that’s the very basic thing we were expecting right? However in recent time […]

QF Phone Camera Flexible Octopus Tripod Review

I was in the midst of looking for Octopod, a flexible tripod for my smartphone and Panasonic Lumix LX-3. After few days of browsing eventually I found “QF Phone Camera Flexible Octopus Tripod”. Seeing the price is just around Rm53.00, I just give this a try. So I make my purchase on July 11 and […]

MyDigi Android App Redesign

Enhancing MyDigi App

Digi Telecommunications recently relaunched their all-new mobile app allowing their end customer to take control of their Digi account, from monitoring data usages, billing, rewards to support. After few days of using, I found there are few potential tweak in enhancing MyDigi App. Disclaimer I do not work for Digi nor any agency related to […]

Malaysia Website Award - Site of the Year 2015 Individual Category

Double Winner of Malaysia Website Awards 2015 – Individual Category

I’m proud to announce that my personal website has officially won the Site of the Month October 2015 and also the Site of the Year @ Malaysia Website Awards 2015 . I would like to thanks to the organizer, Exabytes Group, co-organizers like @CAT, Invest Penang, sponsors .mynic, Invest Penang, Frambie, .COM, Rhipe and […]

Travel to flying cow ranch

Taiwan Trip Day 5 – Flying Cow Ranch

The second part of my 5th day trip to Taiwan, and now we’re heading to Flying Cow Ranch. A wonderful farm based tourist spot located in Miaoli County. Upon arrival, we found the area was pretty cold around 26°C with a very light rain. The area felt cooler than Cameron Highlands back in Malaysia. So, […]

trip to Taiwan blog day 5

Taiwan Trip Day 5 – Anping Old Street

Day 5 arrived. We’ll be going to Anping Old Street and Flying Cow Ranch. I have separated Day 5 to 2 parts. Let’s start with one of the oldest and well preserved historical street in southern Taiwan. ANPING OLD STREET There’s a lot to shop, eat, play, and explore in this little old street. All […]

tamsui fisherman wharf, feng jia

Taiwan Trip Day 2 – Fisherman’s Wharf, TamSui Old Street, Fenjia Night Market

Taiwan Trip Day 2 Itinerary Day 2 arrives, and today we’ll be heading north to Tamsui and then south towards Taichung. It’s going to a long ride. Let’s check-out today’s itinerary they had for us; DAY 2 ITINERARY Breakfast in Hotel Spa @ Beitou Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Tamsui Old Street Market Lunch Chien Yien Shabu-shabu […]

Trip to Taiwan aerial view from airplane in lomo effect

Trip to Taiwan Part 1 – Ximending, Taipei

It’s been more than 5 years since our last oversea trip, finally 2015 we’ve decided to go to Taiwan. Initially we planned for a independent trip but since we didn’t have much time to work on planning the trip, we ended up joining a tour package by Ipoh Overland, check out more details here…